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Yup. I originally meant for him to be a sixth winner, but while I was writing it I decided to just replace Mike, as he was the most boring of all the children. So let's just say that the poor child had an unfortunate, painting of a tiger related accident, and that the Count wound up with his ticket. Somehow. :-)

I agree with you about Charlie not so much being a thing that could be ficced. But the plot bunny snuck up on me while I was watching the scene with the edible meadow, and then just WOULDN'T let go.

(And just realised I should've done a scene where the Count (with Leon) winds up having to visit Wilbur Wonka, but I think enough's enough).

*sniffles* I don't get who DID turn over the vats if Max didn't do it... 0_o

I like the fic though ^_^

The two spies who were trying to get AWAY from Max just before he ate them. *points to the PSOH crossover notation* After all, what's Petshop of Horrors without people getting eaten?

Glad you liked.

WAI~~!!! <3 <3

"He's my Detective," replied the other winner, smiling gently.

"I did nothing, Detective. It is just fortunate that you are, apparently, a good nut."

*grins like a maniac*


and I'm so going to pimp this on my LJ! spread the love...SPREAD THE LOVE!!!

*laughs* Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Argh! Can't believe I missed this one!! *howls with laughter*

It was recced over on rec_a_day. ^____^

Glad you enjoyed it!

W00t! Ficrecs!!!

Sometimes I just have to stare at a fic with wide-eyed alarm.

And some amusement (or at least bemusement) I hope?

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